Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Update on my bedroom.

Good Morning Everyone!

Just thought I should let you know that I have bought two rolls of the Oriental Garden Wallpaper in Linen. They will be going on just one wall. The rest will be in a creamy white.I will not be overseeing this as my parents are decorating my room whilst I am still working in Manchester.

I did choose that carpet that I put up in my pictures as a square sample. That was from a small place where I live. I will give more details when I actually know.

I have also found a perfect dressing table after looking at loads that were quite over priced as some where like £800 and had a sale that was reducing them to like £400. So I eventually found one on e-bay for £120 I think but they have a shop in Blackburn so I think my parents are going there to pick it up and hopefully I will get the stool to match. 
I couldn't put up a picture on here for some reason so as soon as I next go home I will be putting up a picture of this. Quite excited about it all now!

It has all come together so quickly my Mum phoned the other day to tell me they have stripped all the walls! Very exciting. 
Right I have to go now, Gym then into work! Hope everyone is having a good day!


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  2. Thank-you! will check it out! Jules X