Saturday, 28 May 2011

Shopping (Again) at ZARA + M&S!

Hello, Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
I went into Manchester city centre today to look for a smart/casual jacket. I went into M&S where my sister got hers from and I had a look and I couldn't find ANY!!! Not sure why, maybe because they were having a sale on. Just as I was about to walk out I walked past some clothes rails then I came across this lovely cream Jacket ( I was aiming for a pale grey colour) so I picked that up along with another. I tried them on and I bought the one that was just randomly out on the rail. I love these smart/casual jackets as they dress up any outfit.

It looks really shiny on here but it isn't really.

The jacket is from the Indigo collection at M&S and is made out of Pure linen. It was £39.50.

After I decided I wanted to go to Zara.....bad idea for my poor purse :(

I have seen a lot of these tops on other peoples blogs and channels and I really do like them but I just didnt think how much I would. I picked up this white shirt...

Tried it on.....

And fell in LOVE!

So Expensive I thought, £39.99 and 100% silk....but I love it! Trust me, the messiest person in the world to choose, not only a white shirt but that has to be dry cleaned too!! Ah well.

Then I tried on some really comfy pink trousers. I have always wanted some bright pink trousers but was never brave enough. I tried them on and they looked great but were about £30 so I decided to have a look and see if there were any more in the store. I found some other pink cropped trousers at £19.99 and preferred them to the previous pair. 

They have a zip at the side, the only problem is there isn't anything to stop it from going back down again like a button. But when I tried them on, the zip didnt feel like it was going to come undone so that was okay. 

Putting the Silk top together with the cropped jeans...(Above)

Then I bought this scarf which was £19.99 I think. I love the colours and the print on it. It is 100% Cotton too. Also from ZARA.

All together.

Looks better in real life. I strongly suggest people go to Zara they have a great range of spring and summer clothes. Lots of florals and bright colours

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