Friday, 20 May 2011

Bedroom Idea's

Here is my initial idea...

The Picture below shows a very blurry dressing table from M&S. This is kind of what I want but I quite like the smaller ones with the 'curly legs' as I like to call them. 

I really want a bedside table that will hold all my things like at the minute I have a fairly big bedside table that fits my hair dryer, straightners, books magazines, and lotions and potions at the top. 

 After going to Laura Ashley I took home some samples and put them up on my wall here you can see I put one wallpaper over the duck egg colour. It is quite difficult to see what the room will eventually look like seen as the carpet at the moment is pink so everything reflect off it.
 I hope you can kind of see the wallpaper I have chosen the 'oriental garden' wall paper in colour linen. I have also chosen this carpet colour.
 This was a different wallpaper that I liked but decided the pattern was to busy for the wall.
 This is now the overall look I am going for. the wallpaper is in the background and then I have hung the curtain material off the chair to create the look. Hopefully it should all come together soon!

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