Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Orelia Jewellery sold in TOPSHOP!

So the same day I spent all my wages on make-up I resisted getting this ring from Orelia in Topshop...it was love at first sight...and then after I looked at the whole collection and I wanted/needed it all!!
Thought I would share some pictures of their ranges!

This picture really does not give this ring justice....You have to go and see it in the shop! £20...

Layla ring £10

                                                                 £7.50 Rihanna Bracelet.
£15 Alexander ring. 

                                                                       £5 Daisy ring
                                                                          £15 Ella ring
£12.50 Fia Bracelet

Lola Earings £8



  1. Love the look of the Rihanna bracelet - and the price is not so bad either. Need to take a trip to TopShop!
    L xxx


  2. Yeah some on the website are in the Sale section thats why some are cheaper than others I think. It is dangerous me entering topshop!!! haha x