Friday, 3 June 2011

Kim Kardashian!

Hey, Finally got round to uploading these photos. I have styled my hair with GHDs. I sectioned parts of my hair off then curled it all. I took the GHD's and curled my hair away from my face. I used Aussie, take the heat, leave in spray. As my heat protection.

After I had curled all my hair I put my head forward and then brushed my hair roughly from the back and sprayed my hair all over with the L'OREAL Paris, Elnett, hair spray. I sprayed my hair whilst my head was upside down and then when I put my head back I sprayed again all over and under my layers. It then creates these loose big voluminous curls. My hair holds this style quite well but I know everyone will have different hair types. So maybe a different hold in spray is required. Perhaps a wax based spray.

Once the look is complete I then used TONI & GUY Finishing shine spray. Which smells nice and fresh and creates a nice shine on the top of the hair.

Foundation- CHANEL Tient Innocence. Beige 40. Can use any full coverage foundation. (Tient Innocence is not full coverage I just slapped some more on!)

Concealer- Topshops, conceal in LIGHT. ( review- It is a bit cakey but if set with a powder then it's ok. Good base for eye shadows.)

Bronzer- MAC, Mineralize skin finish natural, Medium Deep. 

Highlighter- MAC, Hush Frost. Applied on the top of my cheeks to highlight. Also at the top of my eye on the arch. 

Eyebrows- REVLON, ColorStay 12 hour eye shadow in 02 Coffee Bean. I used the darkest shadow to shade in my eye brows. As Kim has quite full eye brows but mine are quite thin and short. I also lengthened them slightly using this eye shadow. 

Eyes- Again I used the 02 Coffee Bean light colours all over the lid then to contour I used Bobbi Brown's Velvet Plum, Metallic eye shadow. 

Mascara- Bobbi Brown's Lengthen and waterproof. This is a tubular mascara that when comes off comes off in tubes like the Clinique High Impact Mascara. 

Eye Liner- Bobbi Brown's gel eye liner. In Black Inc. 

Lips- MAC Hue Listick. Then Clnique lipgloss and L'oreal Glam shine reflection.

I think to set this look off if i was going for a night out I would wear some big eye lashes! I really like my shuemura eye lashes. They are a natural look with black and brown lashes and double layered.
Hope you enjoyed this look!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

Eczema Sufferers? Tried LOADS of creams??? LUSH!!


Sorry I was meant to post my Kim Kardashian make-up photos but have not had a chance to do it this week as I have been working every day.

I was just looking on various websites for some of the Lush products that have been discontinued. I then came across this cream on e-bay. I have tried Lush's Dream Cream on my hand in the shop and it felt and smelt really good. I then read further down the page of this seller that it can possibly improve eczema

Working in a health care environment I know how difficult it is for people suffering from eczema, my sisters and my nephew have eczema and it can be awful. So I thought I would share this just in case it can help people or just to give it a go.

I get occasional eczema depending on the weather and my asthma. Especially when the doctors are giving you a million and one creams to try. 

If you want to try this I think it would be better to test on a small amount of skin and see how it goes throughout the day. However this cream seems to have worked for some people. But I think it it probably best to try on skin that isn't broken just in case some people are allergic to it. Have a go in the shop!

Have already e-mailed my sisters to let them know! So thought I would tell others! If it has worked for you or anyone else let me know! Or any bad effects/allergic reactions.

Hope everyone's having a good day!