Thursday, 26 May 2011

Soap and Glory!! and No 7 Limited Edition Eye Palette all from Boots! ( 3 for 2!)

Hello everyone! 

I was meant to post earlier today as I have had a day off work but I have been so tired all day that I have just been trying to sleep. I kinda got distracted by shopping though...

So I have heard so much about Soap and Glory hand cream, people love it and it is a must must! Sooo I went to Boots and they were having a 3 for 2 Sale on. I have never tried any of the the Soap and Glory products so was quite excited to see what they had to offer. They have EVERYTHING it was quite hard to decide what I wanted especially because I was still very tired lol.

I bought the HAND FOOD, GLOW LOTION, and The SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE, Loving the names there!!

HAND FOOD was £4.85.
 I have tried it and it smells really nice. On the front of the tube it says: non-greasy hydrating hand butter with shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow. I think you can really smell the Shea butter and macadamia oil....then the sweet smell of the marshmallow. Yumyum! However it reminds me of a smell I have smelt before....not sure what it is but it is familiar

I am so excited about trying this product. I think it will be perfect for a night out and for under my foundation. And then as it says on the bottle, you can use it on your neck and shoulders as a shimmery glow. I have already tested it on my arm and on my face and the shimmer is really subtle so you should only see it where the light hits. I love this product already! Also the smell is amazing it smells like a Lush shampoo bar so it is like a perfume as well! Winner all round for me :)
It comes in this box.

It has this small label on the tube

On the tube it says: the ultimate super-smoothing body buffer. Basically it says to wet skin then turn off the shower and scrub until satisfied then wash off. It also warns not to scrub into irritated areas of the skin. But that is just common sense anyway. I have not used this yet but I am looking forward to using it tomorrow. I have smelt this and it again smells soooo good!!! I will have to write again tomorrow to tell you what it smells like after showering.

After buying all three Soap and Glory products I was given a £5 No7 voucher so decided to look at the stall in Boots. The eye palette immediately caught my eye and so I decided to swatch some on my hand and fell in love with the colours. I also really liked the packaging for summer. Kind of Hawaiian Beach tropics look on the outside of the packaging. The palette comes with a mirror and four colours

The first one on the top left is the Dark kaki Green colour that is very pigmented and looks really good for creating a smoky eye. When I swatched this colour on my hand you really don't need much at all and blends easily.

 Top right is the gold/yellow shimmery colour could possibly use for highlighting too.

 Bottom right is a shimmery green colour that would look amazing to blend in with the darker kaki colour. 

Then the last is the bronze shimmer, that again can be used to highlight

Cannot wait to use this either! Will be putting up the picture of when I use this soon!

 Sorry it is really blurry I could not take a better picture...let me know if you want more details on this product.

Messy Room in the back there!

Thankyou for looking!!
Hope you have a great day tomorrow


  1. Cute blog! I really want to try the S&G hand food! Heard so many great things about it and its so cheap! Love the look of that No7 palette too, colours look so pretty! Following your blog now! Please check out mine and follow back at
    I'm having an OPI giveaway at 100 followers! x

  2. Ooo I thought I was following (still new to this) will do now its really good! Had a good read through this morning. I tried on the eye palette for work this morning and it is definitely a smokey eye one I hardly put any on and it has lasted 7 and a half hours of me running around on A&E so couldn't think of a better test! I was actually quite surprised to see all my make-up still on and pretty much perfect lol. x