Saturday, 28 May 2011

Make-up Ideas


So I was thinking of more things to do other than spend all my money on buying clothes and make-up. I think I might start to do certain looks. Now back in Octoberish 2010 I saw an advert on tv for 'The Kardashians', the clip was of Kim Kardashian screaming because her brother or the dog or whatever threw water over her whilst she was sunbathing.....I was like omg what the hell is this?! and my flat mate was like ...yknow the Kardashians....I was like no never heard of them...who are these annoying people? My flat mate then told me about the OJ Simpson case and how the father was his friend and a lawyer etc. I was like OK and now these girls are famous...He was like yeah pretty much. So anyway I never watched their reality tv show(s) because they looked AWFUL (however part of me knew if I watched one I would immediately want to watch them all), low and behold....I gave in to all that advertising and now have jumped on the I HEART the Kardashians band wagon....god help me.

However I do really like Kim's make-up in fact all the girls make-up they all look so flawless. So I was thinking of creating a Kim Kardashian look.

Also her hair and some fake eye lashes! I might give this a go tomorrow but I need to find some pictures first.

I will hopefully upload some tomorrow!

Hope everyone's alright
I am off to bed now,
Night dolls ;)

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