Monday, 16 May 2011

New Start and a bit about me!

New Start.
So I am moving home towards the end of June and I am redecorating my bedroom. I have just started to clear out my bookcases and shelves that have accumulated all sorts of random stuff throughout the three years that I have been at university. It is indeed time for an overhaul. At the moment my bedroom is very pink and fluffy. Not literally fluffy but it is definitely looking ‘dated’. Since being at university my room has been used as a kind of ebay office for my mum so I have no idea what she will do when I come back. I plan to put up some pictures and hopefully blogging will help me decide on designs for the room and what looks good.
I am a girly girl so I definitely like a lot of pinks but I have been browsing IKEA and Laura Ashley pages on the internet and I really like a lot of their designs. I really like the art deco designs but it isn’t really me, I would like it to be though! Any way tomorrow I am going to clean out my cupboards filled with lots of trashy dvd’s and books. Lots of GCSE and Alevel art work from years ago!! Will be heart breaking throwing everything away that I worked so hard for…..maybe if there is anything worth keeping I might use it..might.

I also plan to review make-up on here as I have a lot of make-up and would like to share different products that are worth buying.

At the minuite my makeup collection is in a box and I am currently waiting to go to muji in Manchester to buy some clear plastic drawers to put this in.
My daily routine of make-up is as follows.

Channel Foundation spf 12. Colour- 40 Beige. I have tried No7, bobbi brown and Maybelline foundations but channel I find is amazing.

Mac Bronzer, have not got the colour to hand unfortunately.

Revlon Colourstay 12 hour eye shadow in 02 coffee bean. I use this pretty much everyday.

Bobbi Brown Metallic eye shadow in Velvet plum 3. I use this sometimes for a night out to contour.

Benefit, Sugarbomb blusher/bronzer, this smells amazing like sweets and it creats a shimmer on your cheak bones and you can use this as a highlighter.

This is only some of my make-up and will take a photo of the make-up look for everyday wear.

I think when talking about make-up it is important to include what your skin type is as its no good going out to buy a product if it might break you out in spots or a rash. My skin is quite sensitive and dry. However I do have pores on my nose that is my problem area. I guess t-zone area although my forehead does get dry so just my nose really. I am prone to getting dry patches under my eyes that I just put Vaseline on before I go to bed. Vaseline is wonderful for any dry skin anywhere.  

Before bed I do try my best to make sure I take off my make-up with make-up wipes usually any that are cheap. Make-up wipes I use if I am being lazy but every night I try to take my make-up off with the Clinique cleansing and toning set. This I believe to be the best for my skin as it reduces pores and makes your skin so soft it is amazing the next morning.

Anyway hope this blog is okay and I will be clearing out my wardrobes tomorrow so might upload a picture of a before and after. I am still learning about blogging so hopefully will make them a bit more interesting than this.


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