Monday, 23 May 2011

MAC, CHANEL and more goodies!!

I have been researching foundations on youtube and have been listening very carefully to what everyone has had to say about the various foundations out there. I usually use Chanel, Teint Innocence spf12 in colour beige. I love this foundation. I have combination skin and it feels really nice on my skin very soft and slightly luminous. 

I have watched Fleur de Forces videos along with missglamorazzi and they have said that Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is the best foundation they have ever used! So I thought I would try it out today. I went along to the Selfridges store in Manchester and went to the Chanel counter and asked to try it on. I told the lady that I normally used the Tient Innocence foundation but I am now coming to the end of it. She said that MY foundation (Tient Innocence) has been discontinued and that Vitalumiere Aqua has taken its place. 
I was a little disappointed that mine had been discontinued but she said that people have said it was hard to get out of the bottle which is true. So when she applied it it felt so nice like water was going on my face but then after it did feel like how foundation should do. I looked in the mirror and it was really nice. I suggest going outside to look though as the lights are always a bit odd in the shops. I would say it is a lot better than my other foundation. The lady at the counter however didn't mention you have to shake it well before use which I already knew from Fleur de Force. I will send the link in below to show her review of the foundation. I guess the only down side to this is that they don't do it any many colours. The coverage is a medium coverage.

This is a picture of the my old foundation, it will be missed-

Here is the new Vitalumiere in the packaging....

 Thought I would add in a comparison between the two. As the Vitalumiere looks smaller than the Tient one however they both have 30mls in. Also forgot to mention that the Vitalumiere is an SPF 15 whereas the Tient one is only a SPF 12. I have taken some photos below of what it looks like with and without the flash. I don't notice too much of a difference as foundations with SPF in are none to reflect the light in photos and make your face look a lot whiter than the rest of your body. 

I also went to the M.A.C counter and bought a lipstick in Mocha. I really like the new summer packaging but they do it in the normal packaging too at a pound cheaper. 
Here is a picture of the lipstick-


 And me wearing the Lipstick. It has a satin feel to it which I love!

I have also heard a lot about Topshop's new make-up range. They have a lot in the store so I decided I would try their concealer. I have taken a picture of it here and I ended up getting the light shade as I thought the Light shade was quite dark and I tried on the Medium and that was too dark for me, even though my skin is quite dark. I will be mostly using this underneath my eyes and will see what kind of effect I get with this.  

I also bought this blending brush down below to use to apply the concealer. This was £1.99 from Super drug. Which I also found out that they are doing a points card....which is about time!!

Superdrug Card!

I tried to get the TRESemme Instant refresh dry shampoo from Superdrug too but they had sold out. So I went to Bodycare and they had a really good offer on. It was £3.99 for both the dry shampoo and the actual shampoo. I have not tried this shampoo before but it is called, deep cleansing shampoo for all hair types and has vitamin C in. It smells really good though so looking forward to using that. I thought £3.99 for the two was a really goo deal!

Here are some pictures of the Vitalumiere Foundation on me. (I am such a poser lol!)
With the flash on.....
(Kinda look a bit shocked here not sure what pose I was going for... rabbit trapped in headlights

Can notice a slight difference in the colour of my neck and my face but not too much. Also the picture below is just to show I have always been a poser! lol found these when I was clearing out my room!


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