Saturday, 28 May 2011

Make-up Ideas


So I was thinking of more things to do other than spend all my money on buying clothes and make-up. I think I might start to do certain looks. Now back in Octoberish 2010 I saw an advert on tv for 'The Kardashians', the clip was of Kim Kardashian screaming because her brother or the dog or whatever threw water over her whilst she was sunbathing.....I was like omg what the hell is this?! and my flat mate was like ...yknow the Kardashians....I was like no never heard of them...who are these annoying people? My flat mate then told me about the OJ Simpson case and how the father was his friend and a lawyer etc. I was like OK and now these girls are famous...He was like yeah pretty much. So anyway I never watched their reality tv show(s) because they looked AWFUL (however part of me knew if I watched one I would immediately want to watch them all), low and behold....I gave in to all that advertising and now have jumped on the I HEART the Kardashians band wagon....god help me.

However I do really like Kim's make-up in fact all the girls make-up they all look so flawless. So I was thinking of creating a Kim Kardashian look.

Also her hair and some fake eye lashes! I might give this a go tomorrow but I need to find some pictures first.

I will hopefully upload some tomorrow!

Hope everyone's alright
I am off to bed now,
Night dolls ;)

Review: No7 Limited Edition, Sunset Metallic Eye Shadow Palette.

I have just taken these pictures and I applied this Eye Shadow at about 1pm today and have not touched it! And its still on. I think it is definitely worth the money or if you manage to get the £5 off No7 then it is definitely worth the money at £8 with a voucher. 

It was very easy to apply and I have used all the colours on my eyes in the picture. 

The only thing is, you have to be really careful when applying the dark shade as some of it fell on to the top of my cheek when I applied it and didn't realise until in the changing rooms lol. 

The whole make-up look although some of my bronzer or in fact most of it has come off. And no lipstick on....oh well. 

And of course my new scarf :)

Shopping (Again) at ZARA + M&S!

Hello, Hope everyone is having a good weekend.
I went into Manchester city centre today to look for a smart/casual jacket. I went into M&S where my sister got hers from and I had a look and I couldn't find ANY!!! Not sure why, maybe because they were having a sale on. Just as I was about to walk out I walked past some clothes rails then I came across this lovely cream Jacket ( I was aiming for a pale grey colour) so I picked that up along with another. I tried them on and I bought the one that was just randomly out on the rail. I love these smart/casual jackets as they dress up any outfit.

It looks really shiny on here but it isn't really.

The jacket is from the Indigo collection at M&S and is made out of Pure linen. It was £39.50.

After I decided I wanted to go to Zara.....bad idea for my poor purse :(

I have seen a lot of these tops on other peoples blogs and channels and I really do like them but I just didnt think how much I would. I picked up this white shirt...

Tried it on.....

And fell in LOVE!

So Expensive I thought, £39.99 and 100% silk....but I love it! Trust me, the messiest person in the world to choose, not only a white shirt but that has to be dry cleaned too!! Ah well.

Then I tried on some really comfy pink trousers. I have always wanted some bright pink trousers but was never brave enough. I tried them on and they looked great but were about £30 so I decided to have a look and see if there were any more in the store. I found some other pink cropped trousers at £19.99 and preferred them to the previous pair. 

They have a zip at the side, the only problem is there isn't anything to stop it from going back down again like a button. But when I tried them on, the zip didnt feel like it was going to come undone so that was okay. 

Putting the Silk top together with the cropped jeans...(Above)

Then I bought this scarf which was £19.99 I think. I love the colours and the print on it. It is 100% Cotton too. Also from ZARA.

All together.

Looks better in real life. I strongly suggest people go to Zara they have a great range of spring and summer clothes. Lots of florals and bright colours

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Soap and Glory!! and No 7 Limited Edition Eye Palette all from Boots! ( 3 for 2!)

Hello everyone! 

I was meant to post earlier today as I have had a day off work but I have been so tired all day that I have just been trying to sleep. I kinda got distracted by shopping though...

So I have heard so much about Soap and Glory hand cream, people love it and it is a must must! Sooo I went to Boots and they were having a 3 for 2 Sale on. I have never tried any of the the Soap and Glory products so was quite excited to see what they had to offer. They have EVERYTHING it was quite hard to decide what I wanted especially because I was still very tired lol.

I bought the HAND FOOD, GLOW LOTION, and The SCRUB OF YOUR LIFE, Loving the names there!!

HAND FOOD was £4.85.
 I have tried it and it smells really nice. On the front of the tube it says: non-greasy hydrating hand butter with shea butter, macadamia oil & marshmallow. I think you can really smell the Shea butter and macadamia oil....then the sweet smell of the marshmallow. Yumyum! However it reminds me of a smell I have smelt before....not sure what it is but it is familiar

I am so excited about trying this product. I think it will be perfect for a night out and for under my foundation. And then as it says on the bottle, you can use it on your neck and shoulders as a shimmery glow. I have already tested it on my arm and on my face and the shimmer is really subtle so you should only see it where the light hits. I love this product already! Also the smell is amazing it smells like a Lush shampoo bar so it is like a perfume as well! Winner all round for me :)
It comes in this box.

It has this small label on the tube

On the tube it says: the ultimate super-smoothing body buffer. Basically it says to wet skin then turn off the shower and scrub until satisfied then wash off. It also warns not to scrub into irritated areas of the skin. But that is just common sense anyway. I have not used this yet but I am looking forward to using it tomorrow. I have smelt this and it again smells soooo good!!! I will have to write again tomorrow to tell you what it smells like after showering.

After buying all three Soap and Glory products I was given a £5 No7 voucher so decided to look at the stall in Boots. The eye palette immediately caught my eye and so I decided to swatch some on my hand and fell in love with the colours. I also really liked the packaging for summer. Kind of Hawaiian Beach tropics look on the outside of the packaging. The palette comes with a mirror and four colours

The first one on the top left is the Dark kaki Green colour that is very pigmented and looks really good for creating a smoky eye. When I swatched this colour on my hand you really don't need much at all and blends easily.

 Top right is the gold/yellow shimmery colour could possibly use for highlighting too.

 Bottom right is a shimmery green colour that would look amazing to blend in with the darker kaki colour. 

Then the last is the bronze shimmer, that again can be used to highlight

Cannot wait to use this either! Will be putting up the picture of when I use this soon!

 Sorry it is really blurry I could not take a better picture...let me know if you want more details on this product.

Messy Room in the back there!

Thankyou for looking!!
Hope you have a great day tomorrow

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Update on my bedroom.

Good Morning Everyone!

Just thought I should let you know that I have bought two rolls of the Oriental Garden Wallpaper in Linen. They will be going on just one wall. The rest will be in a creamy white.I will not be overseeing this as my parents are decorating my room whilst I am still working in Manchester.

I did choose that carpet that I put up in my pictures as a square sample. That was from a small place where I live. I will give more details when I actually know.

I have also found a perfect dressing table after looking at loads that were quite over priced as some where like £800 and had a sale that was reducing them to like £400. So I eventually found one on e-bay for £120 I think but they have a shop in Blackburn so I think my parents are going there to pick it up and hopefully I will get the stool to match. 
I couldn't put up a picture on here for some reason so as soon as I next go home I will be putting up a picture of this. Quite excited about it all now!

It has all come together so quickly my Mum phoned the other day to tell me they have stripped all the walls! Very exciting. 
Right I have to go now, Gym then into work! Hope everyone is having a good day!

Sugarpuffish! + Paint Me Loving...SENSITIVE SKIN!! :D

Hey I have just come across a blog that is really great for products that are chemical free! I never knew about this so I thought I would share this on my blog. I have sensitive skin and I know how annoying it is to find a product that is really good but then brings you out in some weird rash and does not go away! 
Below is a link to PeaceKeeper,

On the PeaceKeeper website it say's what the website is about-

''Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is the first cosmetics line to give all of its after-tax, distributable profits

 to women’s health advocacy and urgent human rights issues. PeaceKeeper builds a bridge between

 extraordinary women in the land of plenty and extraordinary women who, by chance of birth, don’t 

have our resources or opportunities.''

Slavery free Labour, Fair Wages and Cruelty FREE products!

Also take a look at Sugarpuffish's blog to learn more-

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Orelia Jewellery sold in TOPSHOP!

So the same day I spent all my wages on make-up I resisted getting this ring from Orelia in was love at first sight...and then after I looked at the whole collection and I wanted/needed it all!!
Thought I would share some pictures of their ranges!

This picture really does not give this ring justice....You have to go and see it in the shop! £20...

Layla ring £10

                                                                 £7.50 Rihanna Bracelet.
£15 Alexander ring. 

                                                                       £5 Daisy ring
                                                                          £15 Ella ring
£12.50 Fia Bracelet

Lola Earings £8

Monday, 23 May 2011

MAC, CHANEL and more goodies!!

I have been researching foundations on youtube and have been listening very carefully to what everyone has had to say about the various foundations out there. I usually use Chanel, Teint Innocence spf12 in colour beige. I love this foundation. I have combination skin and it feels really nice on my skin very soft and slightly luminous. 

I have watched Fleur de Forces videos along with missglamorazzi and they have said that Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is the best foundation they have ever used! So I thought I would try it out today. I went along to the Selfridges store in Manchester and went to the Chanel counter and asked to try it on. I told the lady that I normally used the Tient Innocence foundation but I am now coming to the end of it. She said that MY foundation (Tient Innocence) has been discontinued and that Vitalumiere Aqua has taken its place. 
I was a little disappointed that mine had been discontinued but she said that people have said it was hard to get out of the bottle which is true. So when she applied it it felt so nice like water was going on my face but then after it did feel like how foundation should do. I looked in the mirror and it was really nice. I suggest going outside to look though as the lights are always a bit odd in the shops. I would say it is a lot better than my other foundation. The lady at the counter however didn't mention you have to shake it well before use which I already knew from Fleur de Force. I will send the link in below to show her review of the foundation. I guess the only down side to this is that they don't do it any many colours. The coverage is a medium coverage.

This is a picture of the my old foundation, it will be missed-

Here is the new Vitalumiere in the packaging....

 Thought I would add in a comparison between the two. As the Vitalumiere looks smaller than the Tient one however they both have 30mls in. Also forgot to mention that the Vitalumiere is an SPF 15 whereas the Tient one is only a SPF 12. I have taken some photos below of what it looks like with and without the flash. I don't notice too much of a difference as foundations with SPF in are none to reflect the light in photos and make your face look a lot whiter than the rest of your body. 

I also went to the M.A.C counter and bought a lipstick in Mocha. I really like the new summer packaging but they do it in the normal packaging too at a pound cheaper. 
Here is a picture of the lipstick-


 And me wearing the Lipstick. It has a satin feel to it which I love!

I have also heard a lot about Topshop's new make-up range. They have a lot in the store so I decided I would try their concealer. I have taken a picture of it here and I ended up getting the light shade as I thought the Light shade was quite dark and I tried on the Medium and that was too dark for me, even though my skin is quite dark. I will be mostly using this underneath my eyes and will see what kind of effect I get with this.  

I also bought this blending brush down below to use to apply the concealer. This was £1.99 from Super drug. Which I also found out that they are doing a points card....which is about time!!

Superdrug Card!

I tried to get the TRESemme Instant refresh dry shampoo from Superdrug too but they had sold out. So I went to Bodycare and they had a really good offer on. It was £3.99 for both the dry shampoo and the actual shampoo. I have not tried this shampoo before but it is called, deep cleansing shampoo for all hair types and has vitamin C in. It smells really good though so looking forward to using that. I thought £3.99 for the two was a really goo deal!

Here are some pictures of the Vitalumiere Foundation on me. (I am such a poser lol!)
With the flash on.....
(Kinda look a bit shocked here not sure what pose I was going for... rabbit trapped in headlights

Can notice a slight difference in the colour of my neck and my face but not too much. Also the picture below is just to show I have always been a poser! lol found these when I was clearing out my room!