Friday, 20 May 2011

GlossyBox and 50% off Laura ashley!!!

Hello, I have been meaning to put up my room pictures and to tell you how my bedroom is getting on.

It is progressing well and have bought some curtains from 'bankrupt' (I think thats what it is called) in Preston. They had a 20% sale of all material there so was a good buy! My Mother will be having the honour of putting these curtains together.....maybe one day I will learn how to make some curtains.

I have chosen some paint still undecided on the colour basically it is going to be very pale cream and I liked the idea of having one wall a different colour possibly duck egg. I was obsessed with duck egg but now have chosen a really nice wallpaper.

It is called Oriental Garden and I have got it in linen. There is a 50% off now until Sunday at Laura Ashley which I think is a great deal!!!
However when I went into the shop they said they will be having more offers on in the coming months too.

Will post another blog on pictures and themes of my room.

I have just signed up to GlossyBox after seeing SWalker Makeup and Missprincesspancake's review of this.
It looks amazing I only hope June's box is as good as May's.
I have included the link to their website and it seems you can cancel the subscription at any time in written form.
I am very excited and I really can't wait for this to arrive. I am actually quite tempted to even buy the NARS illuminater.

Yesterday I went to the Trafford centre on the hunt for some white bedroom furniture I took some pictures and I am hoping to come up with a cheaper e-bay alternative!
Whilst I was there I went to muji and purchased some make-up drawers. As soon as I got home I transferred all my make-up into these drawers and it now looks very professional. Picture of this I need to upload.
Hopefully you can see this and I think I can get more drawers to add to it. I quite fancy having the mirror one next. I also purchased just a clear acrylic pen pot too just to put my brushes in.

Sorry this blog has not been too exciting but I promise to work on uploading pictures soon. Just thought I would share the offers on at laura ashley and the glossybox hype!!!


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