Thursday, 17 November 2011

BIG HAIR! Kim Kardashian Style :)

Hello Everyone,
 I have finally got round to filming a hair tutorial on how to get Kim Kardashian's big voluminous hair! Pictures are below and the video too. Hope you like it :)


Video Link is below :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Review- Butter London's West End Wonderland! GOLD + Christmassy

So today I have re-painted my nails and thought I would do a blog post about it. I bought this nail varnish last year and I think they cost about £10. I also bought one as a present for my sister last year.

I absolutely LOVE Butter London Nail varnishes, especially the glitter ones. As soon as you apply the nail varnish your nails are completely covered in Glitter! This picture only took two coats and they look fabulous!

I really want to buy the pink sparkly one next as I have seen it on Missglamourazzi's channel and I remembered that when I was buying this one it was a choice between the two.
The gold also has flecks of red in it which I think makes it perfect for Christmas :)

They are selling Butter London Nail Varnishes for £9.60 on selected nail colours and free delivery to UK. ) Might have to buy the teal colour!!

Hope you liked it :)


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Rihanna-Who's that chick inspired make-up.

Sooo I tried to film this tutorial on Halloween but unfortunately it did not upload....extrememly annoying so before I went out I took some pictures of the finished look. 

I will list a name of the products I used down below. 

There are two videos of the 'who's that chick' Rihanna video and I chose the night time version as I thought this would be perfect for Halloween. 

So this (not a very good picture) is the make-up look from the video.

Olay Beauty Fluid and I bought this from Body Care as it's cheaper than Boots/Superdrug.

I used Channel's Vitalumiere Aqua in B40 and applied this with a stippling brush from Superdrug think it is a QVC one. 

I used Clinique's blushing brush powder in smoldering plum.
Benefit's, Sugar Bomb 


Base- I applied Primarks Shimmer Shadow in a Deep Blue colour

Pink Flicks- I used Primarks, 4 colour eye shadow palette and I applied this above the eye brown and up to the hair line copying Rihanna's eye's in the video. This shadow has a purple and pink shimmer to it which I thought was perfect for this look. 

Next I used the Urban Decay NYC palette and I used the colours Haight and Radium to match Rihanna's eyes. 
I also used Bobbi Brown's Metallic Eye Shadow in Midnight 12. I blended these colours in until I achieved the desired look. 

I took Radium and Haight underneath the eyes and applied Perversion for depth.

Eye Liner I used Bourjois's Liner Feutre Ultra Black 24 hour felt tip eye liner.

I also used Urban Decay's own Eye liner fromt he NYC palette.

Eye Lashes 
I curled my eye lashes and applied Bobbi Brown's Waterproof mascara.

I then applied some false eye lashes that were just called 'Falsies'. They were a natural looking lash and I then used Daniel Sandlers Jumbo Jet mascara over the top of these lashes once the glue had dried to achieve the full looking lashes. 


For lips I used as a base Beverley Knights Lipstick that did not have a name and it was just a very pale purple colour. I then used from the Urban Decay NYC Palette: Last Call, Rockstar, Bordello and Psychedelic Sister. These are all Pinks and purples and yes they are eye shadows but they brush over the lipstick and and stick to the lip quiet nicely and you can alter the colour depending on how much you apply. I think I also used a small amount of Perversion which is the black eye shadow to create depth. I simply pressed them in to my lips with my fingers. It can get a bit messy but I think that's half the fun, just make sure you have tissues or make up wipes ready to assist with any excess or fall out from the shadows.

Below is the make-up that I used to create the look. Picture is not very good quality as I posted this to my twitter which is @jhulianaB

Hope everyone had a good Halloween and a good bonfire night! Sorry I did not upload all these photos sooner.