Thursday, 21 July 2011

Been Gone too long!!


Sorry I have been gone a while now but have been keeping up to date with everyone who I am following!

Just been a busy few weeks with one thing and another. 

However my bedroom is now almost done! Will be putting up some pictures soon!!! Carpet is down, Curtains are up, and wallpaper done!!! It looks really good. I just now need to buy some accessories to finish it off.

Had to throw away so many things though, been hoarding things since GCSE!!!! 

I am so pleased with my wardrobe, it has been soo long since I have had all my clothes and shoes in one place. I even have all my winter wardrobe all boxed up and packed away neatly. 

So hopefully this weekend I will be uploading pictures of my room. 

I have also signed up to Glossy Box and need to blog about Junes and then I am expecting Julys soon. 

Hope everyone's well!


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