Sunday, 24 July 2011

My Bedroom! and more shopping...

Here it is! Not entirely finished....but it will be soon!
Still awaiting a dressing table mirror which is still in the making. A chair cover annnd shabby chic picture frames to complete the look.

This Picture was taken at night so you can see the bedside lamp and how it is next to the wallpaper. The bedside lamp was form wilkinsons and cost £12.

Thought I would add this. Have had these pictures from being sooo young as you can see I am that fat baby on the right. My two sister's (who will love me for this) are on the left!

Curtains, brand new! Bought material from a place in Preston, think I mentioned it in another blog post. Then as if by magic my Mum transformed the material into some amazing curtains!....maybe one day I will learn how to make curtains.

Below this was taken at night and as you can see I am watching MissPrincessPancakes Video on Youtube! When my mirror comes it will not be this cluttered on my table, I hope!

Then...the light!! Will have to find a link for was only from Wilkinsons think it was about £20.

The best dressing table ever! Shabby chic! Found this on ebay but then my parents went down to pick it up from a place in Blackburn. These on ebay and everywhere we looked for this kind of dressing table were selling for about £450!! However this dressing table AND chair cost £150. £120 for the table then £30 for the chair.
 Absolutely love it!

I also have a glass cover on this and on my bedside table. However I have a very handy Andy in the house who was able to make this for me to protect the surface of my dressing table....from various smudges/stains/eyeliner/eyeshadow/nailvarnish.......I could go on! Would advise anyone to have a cover on theirs to protect it seen as it is a very pale colour. 

Then this bedside table was a surprise as I didn't know I was getting this as well. Can't remember how much think it was£90.

Now today I went in to Lancaster for a bit of shopping. I have lost my eye lash curlers and I cant find them anywhere!! So decided to buy some more. I bought the 'modelsown' brand for £6 from boots.

I have really wanted some yellow and orange eye shadows....but couldn't really find any. The closest I could find was Maxfactor. I bought this and a Mascara, MasterpieceMax, high Volume & Definition Mascara. That was because my Mum wanted a new one. Then we got a 'free' gift....Which is in the stripy tin.

Also bought this eye liner as I ALWAYS use my bobbi brown gel eye liner but wanted a pencil just for when I am in a rush or being lazy. 

Comparison of the BarryM on the left and the MaxFactor on the right. You can't really tell here but in the natural light the MaXFactor one looks darker. 

Below....can't live without these...Love the Nose pore strips! I bought these for about £1.50 from everythinghalfpriceorless. Even if they don't really improve your skin they are just so satisfying to use! I only use these when I have had a week of not really taking my make-up off or have been on a night out and the next day my pores are really bad.
The spot szapping stick I have never used so will try that out and let you know how that is.

The Maxfactor freebie.

These were included in the tin.

This was in the tin.
~Mini Nailfinity Disco Pink
~Mini Vibrant Curve Effect Lip Gloss Bubbly
~Masterpiece Max Mascara Black 5.3ml
~Mini Khol Pencil Black

Ring from Urban Outfitters!

Will update this tomorrow! As I know I have forgotten the brush! Best buy from TKMax at £5!!!

JB xxx

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