Monday, 25 July 2011

What's in my bag...and a review of the Rouge Bunny Rouge Mini lip gloss.


My Bag is by Mischa Barton-Bernie Across Body Bag. that my sister bought me for my birthday in April.

Was £45 but now £18. 
I was unsure of this bag at first because of the colour but I love it, I am never without it now!!!

Oh and an Ugg flip flop in the background....
Looking a little ropey there. 

The lining...


Essentials...I have hayfever so I need tissue's with me everywhere I go!!!
These were from halfpriceorless and were about 60p...I think.
Work Badge for getting NHS discounts.
Three essential Lipgloss/sitcks.
Bobble-Soft ones
Pens-for work.
Bus tickets.....rubbish!

This is a CHANEL Lipgloss-Rouge Allure Laque 78. A bright pink.

 I keep this in my handbag for unexpected nights out. Always prepared!

It's easy to apply and is more like a lipstick when it's on. 

This is the Rouge Bunny Rouge-Mini Lipgloss. I received this in my glossy box from June. 
This lipgloss smells like...Sweets..I have asked my Mum and she thinks it smells like fruit salad sweets. I personally can not remember them. I really like the smell but it might not be to everyone's taste. 

Had to hold it between my knees...Also the label has worn off already as it's been in my bag for soo long.

You can't really see HOW shimmery this is on this picture but it is. It has small silver specs of glitter.
On the label it says this lipgloss is hydrating. I remember being very sceptical about this as soo many of my lipglosses make my lips so dry. However, I was pleasantly surprised with this gloss as it kept my lips soft from the first application and until it comes off. 

Then the last lipstick is by MAC and I love this lipstick! It is one of my favourites. It is called Satin Mocha.


I went to Sainsburys today and decided to get some candles for my room. This first candle, Wild Cotton 
A fresh and clean wild cotton (fragrance) with delicate floral undertones. 

I love the smell of this candle as it smells like the Isimiaki perfume. 

This candle smells like Amberwood & surprises there! Making my room smell nice and sweet masking the fresh paint smell!

This candle is the same but it is a bit bigger and in a glass tub. £2!

Went to the SALES in Laura Ashley and bought this Lovely Cushion.
Story behind this is....We had one left over roll of wallpaper so we exchanged it for this cushion. It will probably will go on my chair once the cover is finished but will have it on my bed at the moment.
Think it was £22 in the sale reduced from £40...(So expensive!) But we got it to the till and it was £17.50 so I think we only had to pay £2.50 towards it. Great!

Kim Kardashian Perfume. 

I have included this as I bought this a while ago but I really love the smell of this perfume. It smells like tuberoses! I wear it all the time but especially on a night out. Personally I think it's more of a winter perfume but it was only released recently in the UK.


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