Saturday, 3 September 2011


Finally....Plucked up the courage to make some videos.

I was really nervous about starting them at first but now I quite like it. I will link my channel down below for people to watch.

I have done a very brief Glossy Box review, however I am cancelling my subscription soon as you have to start paying for the P&P from September and I was only going to try it for a couple of months anyway.

I have just started a hairdressing course at Lancaster & Morecambe college so I will be hopefully making video's on that. Giving anyone any information if they are thinking about starting hairdressing or are already on the course. I will probably need people to talk to too so please get in contact if you are starting a hairdressing course.

A lot of people have come to me saying that they now want me to learn quickly so I can give them a free cut! haha we will see about that I might be absolutely rubbish at it! Who knows....

Tomorrow I will do an outfit of the day and will either upload it to YouTube or take some pictures. I would tell you where I'm going too, but it's a surprise! Even though I have kind of announced it on YouTube anyway, I just hope the person who I am surprising doesn't see it!!!!!

Lots of love

YouTube Channel-

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