Friday, 9 September 2011

Review, No7 Blackberry, New colour perfect for Autumn!

Hi everyone!

My Mum has recently received a really nice gift from a friend who was staying with us for a while. The gift was the new No 7, Blackberry nail varnish from Boots.

The colour looks fabulous! At first glance, there are waves of gold shimmers that sparkle when you turn the bottle. 

First, I applied the BarryM, base coat/top coat/nail hardener (all in one) nail varnish.

Next I applied the blackberry nail varnish. The brush has changed to one of those flat, curved precision brushes. I really enjoyed using this new brush as it meant I could get closer to the cuticle.

I then realised, every time I was trying to get the first coat even, it kept taking all the nail varnish off. So, I decided to remove the base coat and started to apply the nail varnish directly onto the nail and it worked perfectly. Which is kinda annoying as I hate it when the nail varnish stains your nails if you don’t apply a base coat first!

However, once the nail varnish was on and I applied a second coat, the colour was amazing and it really does dry quickly, even with a thick coat! 

I was extremely happy with the finished result and my Mum was too! 

I think the colour really suits her, especially as she was wearing a top that had this gorgeous deep purple colour in. 

Annnd then after I had finished my youtube video....I decided to eat this....


My lovely Mummy made this for me after I saw one in Sainsbury's!

Hope you liked the post and you can see my review of this nail varnish on my YouTube channel.


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